New lubrication system

Our new lubrication system considerably facilitates the maintenance of rotary valves. The distribution of the oil in the bearings is accomplished by a spiral groove around the bearing shanks. The constant oil film in the bearings results in an even smoother action of the valve!

Operating Prinziple:

The lubricant is inserted via a spiral lubrication channel around the upper and lower pin.
At the lower pin, the oil is supplied from outside through an axial bore. The lubricant enters the spiral channel through a radial bore.
At the upper bearing pin, the oil is directly inserted into the lubrication channel. By turning the rotor, the oil is evenly distributed on the bearing surfaces.

The remaining oil in the axial bore serves as a reservoir, thus ensuring sufficient amount of lubricant. This principle avoids overdosage and oiling of the valve.


The maintenance of rotary valves is simplified a lot for the musician. For lubricating the valve, only the bottom valve cap has to be removed and the lubricant can be supplied from the outside. The self-cleaning effect of the lubrication channel also ensures very high ease of maintenance.
When playing the instrument, the new lubrication system results in an even smoother action of the rotors. This is the result of a homogeneous lubricating film that is formed between the bearing surfaces.

Optimized production technology allows us to offer this option with only little additional cost, so that we provide very good value for money to our clients.
This innovation has been developed by J. Meinlschmidt GmbH and is protected by a patent.

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