Meinlschmidt Firmengründung 1866

Foundation of our company
In 1866 Andreas Meinlschmidt established the company in Graslitz (today territory of Czech Republic) as a specialist company for manufacturing “cylinder machines for brass instruments”. He had learned this trade in Vienna and headed the company for thirty years.

In 1896 Josef Meinlschmidt took over the company and ran the business in second generation. He again handed over to his son Josef in 1924. In this third generation, it was due to the circumstances of the second world war that our company had to leave the location of its foundation.

In 1949, the company was relocated to the city of Mainz-Marienborn.

After only one year the production of cylinder machines was resumed in a guesthouse hall.
Josef Meinlschmidt managed very well to re-collect old employees and soon there was not enough space anymore.

Therefore, in 1953, the company moved together with 11 families to Geretsried, Hirschenweg, the current headquarters.

In 1961, Herbert Meinlschmidt passed the examination for the master craftsman’s diploma and became company partner.

In 1980 he took over the company in the fourth generation in direct line from father to son.

In 1999, Jörg Meinlschmidt founded J. Meinlschmidt GmbH to continue the family tradition in the fifth generation.

Beginning of 2001, the two long-time employees Manfred Leppmeier and Josef Patermann took over the operational business as co-owners of the company.